Xiin Networks Commercial
Website Link:

Development Period:
Oct 2011

Project Leader:
Philip Whitehall

Philip Whitehall

XiinEngine Basic Beta

The site you see today! Fresh out the oven, which incorporates a lot more animation.

The homepage is now directed towards web development, as this is now the primary focus in Philip's life.

The site showcases a fresh design style, while making sure that the page loads efficiently with reusable code etc. This is the first site to run off the commercially stable XiinEngine 1.0, which uses modules that have worked on the NAX CMS with stronger focus on administrative security.

This iteration of Xiin Networks is also the premiere of a mobile website running XiinEngine Mobile. This framework complies with the major smartphone standards and should work with any phone that has a recently updated web browser. This mobile site is reachable by entering this same address on your smartphone (Windows Phone, iOS & Android), whereby you will be automatically directed to the mobile site! To view it on the desktop, click the 'Mobile Site' button at the bottom of the main site.