About Xiin Networks & its Staff
Web Architect, Games Programmer, Designer, Radio DJ & Photorapher
XiinEngine is the in-house content management system (CMS) and framework for building administrative control panels, as well as provide a standard file structure for a front-end website. Programming and design has been written by Philip Whitehall by using his previous experiences of working with previous commercial systems.

This development started in 2009 under the name New Age Xiin (NAX) to reflect the gradual change of Xiin Networks' purpose from gaming website to web development network. It was renamed to XiinEngine as the previous project under this title has been shifted over to [Player Pixel Games].

The XiinEngine Mobile CMS & framework is designed to both be a standalone system and to be a companion of the main XiinEngine. The development of this started in September 2011 when realising that the global market is swiftly moving to smartphones. Thus, we wanted to ensure that visitors enjoy a seamless website wherever they are viewing from.
XiinEngine is currently not available for public download. However, it is our intention to release a public version of the CMS/Framework when we believe it is ready!