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We specialise in small and medium scale web development using HTML5, PHP, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL and other related technologies. Since 2006 we have kept web human-computer interaction our top priority, making for easy navigable websites for both visitors and site staff.

However, we believe it is always best to show than tell when it comes to design, so please take a look at our profile to see the kind of work we do!
Our Portfolio
The following are the list of projects we have completed. By clicking on each thumbnail, you can find out when it was done, what website it was for and a brief description of the work undertaken. Feel free to ask us questions about our work using our contact page.

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About Xiin Networks & its Staff
Philip Whitehall
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Web Architect, Games Programmer, Designer, Radio DJ & Photographer
XiinEngine is the in-house content management system (CMS) and framework for building administrative control panels, as well as provide a standard file structure for a front-end website. Programming and design has been written by Philip Whitehall by using his previous experiences of working with previous commercial systems.

This development started in 2009 under the name New Age Xiin (NAX) to reflect the gradual change of Xiin Networks' purpose from gaming website to web development network. It was renamed to XiinEngine as the previous project under this title has been shifted over to [Player Pixel Games].

The XiinEngine Mobile CMS & framework is designed to both be a standalone system and to be a companion of the main XiinEngine. The development of this started in September 2011 when realising that the global market is swiftly moving to smartphones. Thus, we wanted to ensure that visitors enjoy a seamless website wherever they are viewing from.
XiinEngine is currently not available for public download. However, it is our intention to release a public version of the CMS/Framework when we believe it is ready!

Legal Information
This is Xiin Networks's legal information section. Since our servers are based in the US and the, the registrar is in the UK and the head administrator is in Thailand, we believe we are bound by the laws of these countries. For any conflicting points between each law, we attempt to 'make do' with what believe is best and fair to all stakeholders. We, to the best of our knowledge, have followed all the necessary laws which allow us to do what we do. However, if there are still matters which need to be discussed in a legal matter, please contact Philip Whitehall by emailing philip.whitehall@xiinet.com, the owner and founder of Xiin Networks. In the unlikely event that there is no response, please contact Matthew Hitchings by emailing matt.hitchings@xiinet.com, the co-founder of Xiin Networks.

It is the visitor's sole responsibility to read our legal information before using any service that Xiin Networks provides. This page can also change occasionally, so it is important to keep checking if anything has been altered whether the homepage or other locations states the changes or not. Failure to do so means the visitor will be solely responsible for any legal consequence as outlined by the clauses below.

Page last updated: 16th October 2011

Clause 1: The organisation
1A: 'Xiin Networks' (XiiNet) was registered on 13th June 2006 and was publically founded on 1st July 2006 as a Gaming Clan Website to take over operations previously held on The ODL Network (now defunct). XiiNet temporarily became The GreenYoshi Network in January 2008 – April 2009 to become a Yoshi fansite, but has since returned as the server's Hosting Domain Address. Therefore, Xiin Networks and all original designs, images, and in-house content are copyright © Xiin Networks 2006 – 2017.
1B: Xiin Networks is a Web Development organisation which also hosts non-commercial websites on the server. Non-commercial sites are as specified on each website in question, and as such are the ones hosted purely with no profitable income. Xiin Networks do not charge visitors nor force to donate money to use the website.

Clause 2: The Xiin Networks Website
2A: Any content or material originating from the Xiin Networks website starting with any variant of the URLs 'http://xiinet.com' is not to be modified or placed anywhere else on the Internet without the expressed permission of Philip Whitehall of 'Xiin Networks' unless not originally owned by the organisation.
2B: 'Hot linking' to any content from the 'Xiin Networks' website is prohibited, unless it has been pre-approved by Philip Whitehall. We only permit you to link to our web pages on other websites.
2C: The entirety of the 'Xiin Networks' website uses the "XiinEngine Full 1" Content Mangement System (CMS) written in-house for websites across 'Xiin Networks' and commercial development by Philip 'GreenYoshi' Whitehall.
2D: 'Xiin Boards' are powered by Invision Power Board. We are covered under a perpetual (lifetime) license registered to Philip Whitehall.

Clause 3: Plugin Particulars
3A: The jQuery 'Color animation' plugin is copyright Edwin Martin and is released under the MIT and GPL licenses.
3B: The jQuery 'Easing' plugin is copyright George McGinley Smith and is open source under the BSD License.
3C: The jQuery 'FancyBox' plugin is copyright Janis Skarnelis and is released under the MIT and GPL licenses.
3D: The jQuery 'Nivo Slider' plugin is copyright Gilbert Pellegrom and is 'free to use and abuse under the MIT license'.
3E: The jQuery 'TipTip' plugin is copyright Drew Wilson and is released under the MIT and GPL licenses.

Clause 4: Privacy and Terms & Conditions
4A: All personal information collected and stored for use on the domains 'xiinet.com' or any of its server sites are held privately and is not distributed to anyone unless required by demand of the law. Compulsory information that's collected upon registration for a 'Xiin Networks' account includes a username and email address. Any other optional information given to 'Xiin Networks' or its subsidiaries is at the user's own risk, and will not be held responsible for their consequences.
4B: We do not automatically remove/delete accounts after an extensive period of inactivity, therefore if a user wishes for their account to be terminated, they must contact us via email as soon as possible.
4C: We view that having a 'Xiin Networks' member account is a privilege. If a member is found to be abusing or violating their account in any way whatsoever they will either be warned or banned from using the service as outlined by the Terms and Conditions stated on the 'Xiin Boards'.